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railroad crossing accident attorneys

Accidents at Railroad Crossings

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Accidents at railroad crossings are much more common than you might think. According to the National Transportation Safety Bureau, a person is injured or killed at a railroad crossing every two hours in the United States. Train and car collisions are the most common type of accident. As you can imagine, the immense weight… Read More »

slip and fall accident attorney

Slip and Fall: What is the Liability of the Store?

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

When you go to buy groceries or shop at the mall, falling and hurting yourself is probably the last thing on your mind. That is because store and mall owners, like all people who own public property, have an obligation to prevent avoidable accidents from occurring. If you injure yourself in a slip and… Read More »

Aggressive Driver

Injured by an Aggressive Driver

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Aggressive driving, defined as a driver who engages in unsafe or bullying behavior to intimidate other drivers, is a growing problem across the United States. According to the motorist organization AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, aggressive driving is the cause of 55 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents annually. Part of the reason could… Read More »

distracted driving

Distracted Driving and Motorcycle Accidents

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

A driver’s behavior becomes distracted when he or she participates in any activity that diverts attention from driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 3,300 drivers and passengers lose their lives each year in accidents attributed to distracted driving. More than 1,000 times this number sustain serious injuries. Texting or… Read More »

Woman suffering whiplash

Whiplash: What You Need to Know about Kentucky Auto Accident Injuries

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Whiplash is a common result from car accidents. In fact, experts have estimated that as many as 65% of all car insurance injury claims are for compensation for a whiplash injury. Despite being so common, insurers often attempt to thwart claims for whiplash injuries. Read below to learn more about whiplash injuries, and consult… Read More »


2015 Sees Sharp Rise in Roadway Fatalities

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Despite a five-decade streak of improvements in fatality rates on US roads, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that, based on early analysis of data gathered during 2015, the number of drivers killed in motor vehicles rose over the previous year. No form of transportation seemed to be immune to the increase… Read More »

Aggressive Driver

Over 75% of US Drivers Admit to Aggressive Driving

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Research into aggressive driving has resulted in some troubling discoveries. Aggressive driving has lethal effects and is exceedingly common. Aggressive driving poses a legitimate threat to driver safety. In a study from 2009, researchers looked at the link between aggressive driving and fatal car accidents, and found a distinct connection. A study of fatal… Read More »

Smokey Truck accident

Victim of a Kentucky Truck Accident? Take These Steps

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

Weighing in at up to 80,000 lbs, large trucks and tractor-trailers are capable of doing an enormous amount of damage, and collisions with these machines can leave those in passenger vehicles seriously injured. If you’re involved in a crash with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, take these steps to ensure your claim for damages is… Read More »

Teen drivers

Keep Teens Safe during Summer’s 100 Deadliest Days

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

During the summer, your teenage children will have more free time than during the school year to spend time with friends and stay out late, possibly borrowing the family car to do so. This additional free time teens have to drive is one of the reasons why the summertime marks the deadliest time on… Read More »

A snapchat icon

Snapchat Developers Sued over Injuries in Accident Allegedly Caused by App

By Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. |

A man who suffered serious brain trauma in a car accident with what he alleges was a distracted driver is now suing both the driver and the makers of the photography app Snapchat, with which he claims the at-fault driver was distracted. Georgia resident Wentworth Maynard is seeking damages in the amount of the… Read More »

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