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At Davis & Haymond, P.S.C., our successes have helped us foster trusting relationships with clients and encouraged them to come to us whenever the law impacts their lives. We provide individuals and small businesses with exceptional, affordable help in a wide variety of areas:

  • Corporate formation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Commercial transactions
  • Contracts
  • Collections
  • Construction law
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Lemon law claims

Our attorneys are comfortable in courtroom settings—we try cases before judges and juries all the time. When it comes to protecting your interests and rights, there is no substitute for this level of trial experience.

Our experience also extends to appeals. Our attorneys frequently appear before state and federal appeals courts and have won many cases, including several that resulted in published appellate decisions.

Published opinions

  • Jones v. Sparks, 297 S.W.3d 73 (Ky. App. 2009) (Real estate litigation in which the Kentucky Court of Appeals held that under no circumstance may a court enforce a verbal agreement for the sale of real estate, or, for that matter, an easement.)
  • Diaz v. Morales, 51 S.W.3d 451 (Ky. App. 2001) (Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld the superior custody rights of natural parents versus claim of de facto custodian.)

Unpublished federal decisions

  • Dellinger v. Astrue, 2010 WL 750363 (E.D. Ky. 2010)
  • Davis v. Astrue, 2009 WL 30194 (E.D. Ky. 2009)
  • Holder v. Astrue, 2008 WL 1743486 (E.D. Ky. 2008)

When you need a civil litigation lawyer you can trust

We are committed to doing what is best for you. Contact Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. online, in Richmond at (859) 624-3380, or in Irvine at (606) 726-9991 to see how we can help.

We offer payment plans and we accommodate requests for consultations outside of regular business hours. Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

Here for you and your family at every turn

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