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Accidents at Railroad Crossings

railroad crossing accident attorneys

Accidents at railroad crossings are much more common than you might think. According to the National Transportation Safety Bureau, a person is injured or killed at a railroad crossing every two hours in the United States. Train and car collisions are the most common type of accident. As you can imagine, the immense weight and high speed of the train puts personal and commercial vehicles at a huge disadvantage in these types of accidents. Other common scenarios at railroad crossings include train derailments, a collision between two trains, a train striking a person on or near the tracks, and extensive property damage.

Sadly, approximately 1,000 people lose their lives in a train accident every year. In addition to the scenarios described above, the National Transportation Safety Bureau also states that a chemical spill involving a train occurs on average of once every two weeks. When the spills are significant enough, it requires evacuation of anyone who lives or works nearby.

What You Should Know About Collisions Between Trains and Cars, Trucks, or Motorcycles

A report released by the United States Department of Transportation indicates that 5,800 crashes between trains and personal or commercial vehicles occur in this country each year. Most of these take place at railroad crossings. One things that drivers don’t always remember is that it can take a train nearly a mile to come to a complete stop if the driver spots an obstacle on or near the tracks. However, that doesn’t relieve the conductor of responsibility for operating the train safely. It’s his or her job to continually scan the environment and safely bring the train to a stop if necessary.

Many accidents between trains and cars, trucks, or motorcycles occur because the train or tracks don’t contain adequate safety devices to warn motorists that a train is quickly moving down the tracks. During daylight hours, approximately three-quarters of these types of accidents happen because the train hit the personal or commercial vehicle. When train and vehicle accidents happen at night, it’s often due to the driver hitting the train in a crossing with inadequate markings. Even when you drive safely and look for approaching trains before crossing over tracks, accidents can still occur because of improper of missing safety devices.

Occupational Illnesses and Safety Hazards

Employees and former employees of the railroad may also have reason to file a lawsuit. Perhaps you suffer from permanent ill health due to frequent toxic chemical exposure that your employer should have avoided but didn’t take the time to ensure your safety. These situations can be challenging, especially when your illness doesn’t show up for several years. You could have also suffered an injury that ended your career or forced you to accept a job that paid less because it was not as physically demanding. Whatever your situation, speaking to an injury attorney at Davis & Haymond, P.S.C. can help you understand your rights going forward.

Determining the Responsible Party in a Train Accident

Another thing that makes this type of personal injury cases more challenging is that it’s not always immediately obvious whose negligence led to the collision that caused your injuries. It could be the conductor who wasn’t paying attention while approaching the railroad crossing. However, it’s just as likely that the company that manufactured the train or those responsible for its maintenance committed negligent actions as well. Without a personal injury attorney, you may not even know who to present with your lawsuit.

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