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Baby rear faced car seat

Rear-Facing Car Seats Are Mostly Safe for Infants, But They Could Be Made Safer

By Davis Law, P.S.C. |

A study recently reported in the Journal of Traffic Injury Prevention (click to read abstract) looked into the safety of rear-facing car seats in the event of a rear-end collision. While the study authors do not recommend that parents stop using rear-facing seats for infants (and Kentucky law requires them for infants up to… Read More »

Medical negligence

Misdiagnosis – A Leading Cause of Medical Malpractice in Kentucky

By Davis Law, P.S.C. |

When you think about medical malpractice, what do you think of? Surgical errors? Being given the wrong medication? Birth injuries? It turns out that the most common type of medical mistake by far is misdiagnosis, which could be either a wrong diagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. The national Institute of Medicine (IOM) has gone… Read More »

File that reads wrongful death

Wrongful Death Recovery in Kentucky

By Davis Law, P.S.C. |

When somebody’s negligent, reckless or intentional act results in another’s death, Kentucky law allows for the estate and the family members of the deceased to receive compensation for the expenses and hardships that have been imposed upon them because of this act. An action to recover such compensation is called a Wrongful Death action,… Read More »


Congress Weighs Possible Increase in Tractor-Trailer Carrying Capacity

By Davis Law, P.S.C. |

A change is in the air which would increase the weight limit allowed on commercial vehicles traversing the interstate highway system. Currently, federal regulations limit the weight of a tractor-trailer to 80,000 pounds, but the new rule would allow these trucks to weigh as much as 91,000 pounds. Proponents of the measure argue that… Read More »

Finger pointing at car insurance

Kentucky Car Insurance Law – Mandatory and Optional Coverage

By Davis Law, P.S.C. |

If you drive a car in Kentucky, you must carry certain insurance coverage by law. If you are pulled over and found not to have the required coverage, or if you get into an accident without insurance, then you will most likely be ticketed for flouting the law, and in the case of an… Read More »

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