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The Hottest Gift of 2015 is Hotter than Intended

Guy on a hoverboard

Hoverboards may not actually hover, but they certainly flew off the shelves this past holiday season. The two-wheeled, motorized scooters have been increasing in popularity since last summer and now can be seen almost anywhere. With the increase in sales, however, has come numerous reports of the devices catching fire while they are being charged, and in one instance bursting into flames while it was being ridden. Purchasers of hoverboards are cautioned to be vigilant when charging their devices, and to take care when riding them as well.

Many hoverboards or their component parts, such as their batteries which are at the center of the fire controversy, are manufactured overseas in China and elsewhere. Regardless of where they are produced, there is no standard applying to their manufacture, and no U.S. safety standards at this time. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has received more than 20 complaints of house fires started by hoverboards, is currently running independent tests to determine their safety. In England, all hoverboards were recalled following the receipt of hundreds of complaints that the devices where catching fire.

So far, at least two products liability lawsuits have been filed in America based on hoverboard fires, including one suit filed in Alabama state court and a federal class action filed in New York. Almost all major airlines have banned the products from their planes, due to concerns that the devices could explode or start a fire while the plane was in the air.

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